Sonic Drinks Menu 2024: Save Big on Your Favourite Drinks

Want a flavourful escape from a hot summer day? The Sonic Drinks menu is here with refreshing drinks to elevate your tired mood. The menu has so many drink options meaning you will easily find a drink you love.

Craving something special? Try Sonic’s secret menu which covers all the unique and exclusive drinks that you won’t find anywhere else. So let’s dive into Sonic’s menu to know all the drinks and secret tricks that will help you to save your maximum bucks.

Sonic Drinks: Flavors & Options

Sonic Limeades & Lemonades

  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Limeade
  • Classic Lemonade

Sonic Milkshakes

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Banana Split Milkshake
  • M&M’s Milkshake
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Coffee Milkshake
  • Oreo Cookies & Cream Milkshake
  • Butterfinger Milkshake
  • Vanilla Milkshake

Sonic Soft Drinks

  • Hi-C Fruit Punch
  • Fanta Orange
  • Coke Zero
  • Coca-Cola
  • Sprite
  • Sprite Zero
  • Diet Dr Pepper
  • Barq’s Root Beer
  • Dr Pepper
  • Ocean Water
  • Diet Coke

Sonic Slushes

  • Cherry Slushes
  • Blue Raspberry Slushes
  • Blue Coconut Slushes
  • Grape Slushes
  • Cranberry Slushes
  • Peach Slushes
  • Mango Slushes
  • Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Slushes
  • Cherry Limeade Slushes
  • Limeade Slushes
  • Lemonade Slushes
  • Strawberry Slushes
  • Watermelon Slushes
  • Polynesian Punch Slushes
  • Tropical Colada Slushes
  • Red Bull Slushes
  • Red Bull Summer Edition Slushes

Types of Coffee at Sonic

Sonic Drive-In Drinks Menu offers a wide range of coffee beverages to fulfill every taste. The Sonic coffee menu includes:

  • Sonic Espresso: A concentrated coffee made with finely ground coffee beans and then compressed under hot water to create a strong shot offered in Short, Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes.
  • Special Sonic Beverage Boosters: A new add-on of enhancers like chocolate drizzle, flavored syrups, and whipped cream that enhances any coffee drink.
  • Sonic Frappuccinos: A super cool drink similar to a milkshake that is made with milk, blended coffee, and a variety of flavors of your choice. You can pick from flavors like Mocha and Java chip.
  • Sonic Cappuccinos: Classy light and foamy drink served with steamed milk to create a smooth texture. This is available in a variety of flavors like Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut.
  • Sonic Cold Brew Coffee: It is less acidic coffee that is available in both regular and vanilla flavors.
  • Sonic Americanos drinks: A strong and mood-refreshing drink made by mixing hot water with Espresso. The drink is available in Short, Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes.
  • Sonic Iced Coffee: It is a cold coffee that is made with 100% Arabica beans. It comes in flavors like Mocha and Hazelnut, served in regular and decaf.
  • Sonic Lattes: Perfectly blended with a mixture of steamed milk and espresso, available with a variety of classic flavors like Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Caramel.
  • Sonic Drip Coffee: It is a classic blend of hot water and fresh ground beans. It is available in Short, Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes.
Top 5 Sonic Drinks To Try

Top 5 Sonic Drinks To Try

  • Sonic Green Apple Slush with Jolly Rancher: This drink combines classic green apple slush with candy pieces that enhance the flavors by tanginess with every sip.
  • Sonic Ocean Water: One of the favorite drinks of all time it has a mixture of blue raspberry, coconut, and pineapple with flavors of lime.
  • Sonic Strawberry Watermelon Slush: Perfect Summer refreshing slush with the fresh and refreshing flavors of watermelon and strawberries.
  • Sonic Dr. Pepper Float: This refreshing drink is a combination of creamy vanilla ice cream and classic Dr. Pepper soda to make a delightful taste.
  • Sonic Cherry Limeade: This drink is a perfect blend of tangy lime and sweet cheery with refreshing vanilla flavors.
  • Sonic Butterfinger Blast: A perfect combination of creamy ice cream, milk, and crunchy Butterfinger candy.
  • Sonic Minute Maid Cranberry Juice Slush: Best refreshing drink for the hot day as it is packed with Vitamin C that helps in combating hot day dizziness.
Sonic Drink Sizes

Sonic Drink Sizes

Sonic Drive-in offers various drink sizes for every craving that can easily fit your budget. The drink sizes include:

  • Small: 16 ounces (473 ml).
  • Medium: 20 ounces (591 ml).
  • Large: 32 ounces (946 ml).
  • Extra Large: 44 ounces (1280 ml).

The small-size cups are best to fulfill children’s cravings while an adult can go for large-size drinks. Some Sonic locations also offer extra-large-sized drinks that you can enjoy with your friends.

Sonic Secret Menu Drinks

The Sonic Secret menu contains unique and flavored drinks with special discount offers. This menu has refreshing drinks like Cranberry juice and includes classics like Sprite and lemonade. There is also a special Dr pepper drink for customers who want to try something unique. This exclusive menu also includes:

  • Sonic Sunrise
  • Enhanced Dr Pepper
  • Sonic Sunshine Smoothie
  • Dr. Pepper Float
  • Purple Sprite
  • Dr. Pepper Orgasm
  • Sonic Java Chiller
  • Purple Sprite
  • Pink Flamingo

These flavored refreshing drinks make their regular customers happy and freshen up.

Sonic Drive In Drink Prices with Menu

The Sonic Drink menu has different varieties of beverages and drinks that can refresh your mood on a hot sunny day. You can choose from classic drinks or chilled slushes such as some limeades, famous slushies, and candy-flavored drinks at Sonic. Start your day energetic by drinking Sonic Ocean water drinks. The Sonic drive in drink menu also offers healthy options such as orange juice, cranberry juice, etc that are very low in calories.

Also, Don’t miss the chance to get your favorite drinks at half price in the Sonic Happy Hour i.e. from 2 pm to 4 pm daily. 

ItemMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Grape Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Red Bull Energy Drink$2.99
Half Unsweet Tea / Half Lemonade$1.59$1.14$1.44$1.59$1.74
SONIC Wave Bottled Water$1.49
Strawberry Limeade$1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
POWERADE® Mountain Berry Blast® Drink$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
SONIC Splash$1.19$1.69$1.89$2.19
Cranberry Limeade$1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
Big Red®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Dr Pepper®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Blue Coconut Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Minute Maid® 100% Apple Juice Box$1.59
Dragon Fruit Recharger with Red Bull$2.99$3.29$3.49
Diet Dr Pepper®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Sweet Iced Tea$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Ocean Water®$1.59$1.09$1.34$1.49$1.69
Signature Limeades$1.69$1.99$2.29$2.59
Diet Coke®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Half Unsweet Tea / Half Lemonade$1.59$1.14$1.44$1.59$1.74
BARQ’S® Root Beer$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Famous Slushes$1.19$1.99$2.39$2.59
Twisted Lime Recharger with Red Bull$2.99$3.29$3.49
Blood Orange Recharger with Red Bull$2.99$3.29$3.49
Coca-Cola® Zero$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Unsweet Iced Tea$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Milk Jug (1%) – White$1.39
Blue Raspberry Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Mango Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Real Fruit Slushes$2.19$2.39$2.79$2.99
Cherry Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee$2.39$2.69$3.19$3.79
Diet Cherry Limeade$1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
Cranberry Juice Cocktail$1.99$2.49
Ocean Water$1.39$1.79$1.99$2.29
Premium Roast Coffee$1.49$1.79
Orange Juice$1.99$2.49
Soft Drink$1.19$1.69$1.89$2.19
Cherry Limeade$2.19$1.49$1.79$1.99$2.24
Candy Slushes$1.69$2.49$2.89$3.09
Fanta® Orange$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Half Sweet Tea / Half Lemonade$1.59$1.14$1.44$1.59$1.74
Orange Juice$2.59$2.79
Cup Of Ice$0.09$0.19$0.29$0.39$0.49
Diet Limeade$1.59$1.24$1.34$1.54$1.69
Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee$2.39$2.69$3.19$3.79
SONIC Energy Drink$1.99$2.19$2.29$2.49
Cranberry Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Half Sweet Tea / Half Unsweet Tea$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Mountain Berry Blast® Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Hi-C® Fruit Punch$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Peach Slush$1.69$1.59$1.99$2.20$2.45
Sprite Zero®$1.39$1.04$1.29$1.44$1.64
Half Sweet Tea / Half Lemonade$1.59$1.14$1.44$1.59$1.74

Calories in Sonic Drinks 2024

The Sonic drinks on the menu contain low as well as high calories depending upon the drink. So you can choose the drink according to your diet plan. The table below will give you all the details about the calories of every famous Sonic drink:

ItemMiniSmallMediumLargeRT 44
Twisted Lime Recharger with Red Bull230 Cal340 Cal480 Cal
Dragon Fruit Recharger with Red Bull220 Cal340 Cal450 Cal
Blood Orange Recharger with Red Bull220 Cal340 Cal450 Cal

Sonic Frozen Drinks Menu with Prices & Sizes

For dessert lovers, the Sonic Drive-In menu has a huge variety of chilled treats. The menu starts with old-school floats and goes on to the delicious creamy java chiller shakes to indulgent master shakes. You can also try sundaes such as the Waffle Cone Sundae, Real Ice Cream Sundae, and Molten Cake Sundae.

SONIC Blast® made with OREO® Cookie Pieces$3.49$3.89$4.39
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
Banana Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
SONIC Blast® made with HEATH®$3.89$4.29$4.79
Old School Floats$2.09$2.49$3.09$4.39
Hot Fudge Sundae$2.49
OREO® and REESE’S Peanut Butter Master Shake$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
Master Shakes$2.49$3.29$4.09$5.09
Real Ice Cream Sundae$1.99
Chocolate Chunk Brownie Blast$3.89$4.29$4.79
Hot Fudge Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
REESE’S Peanut Butter Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Caramel Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Waffle Cone Sundae$2.99
Sonic Blast$2.89$3.39$4.09$5.49
Molten Cake Sundae$4.29
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast®$3.49$3.89$4.39
Strawberry Sundae$2.49
Java Chiller Shakes$2.99$3.39$4.39
Vanilla Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Chocolate Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake®$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
Turtle Truffle Nut Blast$3.89$4.29$4.79
Caramel Sundae$2.49
OREO® Chocolate Master Shake®$3.39$3.89$4.39$5.99
SONIC Blast® made with M&M’S® Chocolate Candies$3.49$3.89$4.39
Vanilla Waffle Cone$1.99
Chocolate Trick or Treat Blast$3.89$4.29$4.79
Strawberry Classic Shake$2.49$3.09$3.69$5.49
CreamSlush Treats$2.09$2.99$3.59$4.59
Vanilla Trick or Treat Blast$3.89$4.29$4.79
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes$1.99$2.79$3.59$4.59
Master Blast$3.39$3.89$4.59$5.99
SONIC Blast® made with REESE’S® Peanut Butter Cups$3.49$3.89$4.39

Sonic Seasonal Drinks Special Menu

A limited-time offer happens every season that includes famous Sonic drinks at discounted prices. These seasonal offers happen once in a while so keep yourself always updated so you never miss out on these amazing deals. Here are the drinks for which Sonic offers seasonal discounts:

  • Blueberry Cheesecake Shake
  • Sonic Shark Week Slush
  • Cranberry Juice Cocktail
  • Strawberry Shortcake Snowball Slush Float
  • Red Berry Sangria Slush
  • Strawberry Frosé Slush
  • Lemonberry Slush Float
  • Sonic Blue Burst Slush
  • Sonic Cherry Burst Slush
  • Holiday Mint Master Shake
  • Holiday Mint Master Blast
  • Sonic Christmas Blast
  • Birthday Cake Shake
  • Pumpkin Spice Shake
  • Peach Bellini Slush

Sonic Happy Hours Drinks

You can enjoy half-priced drinks during the Sonic Hour Hour deal that runs every Monday to Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm. This deal is the most favorite of all people as it allows customers to try any Sonic drink at the lowest rates. Mentioned below is the list of famous Sonic Happy Hour Drink:

  • Cherry Limeades
  • Lemonades
  • Iced tea
  • Coffee
  • Limeades
  • Slushes

Sonic Sugar-Free Drinks Menu

If you are health-conscious then this Sonic sugar-free menu is definitely for you. This menu features a variety of drinks that are very low on calories and full of flavors making it the must-try option for diet-conscious customers. These menus include:

  • Sugar-Free Limeade & Lemonade
  • Diet Coke
  • Sugar-Free Vanilla Coffee
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Unsweet Iced Tea

Top 9 Sonic Drink Specials

Sonic Ocean Water Drink Mix

Sonic Ocean Water is Sonic’s signature drink that has a vibrant blue color and is fully loaded with sweet tropical flavor. It has a perfect mixture of coconut and lime flavor making it the best refreshing drink for summer.

Sonic Pink Ladies Drink

Sonic Pink Ladies’ drink is a drink that will help you remove your day tiredness. This drink is filled with different flavors of lemonade and fruity flavors combined with red strawberries and Sprite for refreshment. It is a sweet and delightful beverage that is a perfect combination for a sunny day.

Sonic Boba Drink

This drink is not like any normal boba or bubble tea, This drink is something different and has very tasty flavors. Sonic boba drink has unique flavors and textures that make your mood refreshing with every sip. 

Sonic Mixed Drinks

Sonic also has a mixed drink menu that offers different mixed drinks filled with juicy and fruity flavors. These mixed drinks are combined with Sodas and some candy flavors that can easily satisfy your taste buds.

Sonic Red Bull Drink

This super chilled drink is packed with the energy of Red Bull which makes it the best drink for an energy boost during summertime.

Purple O Drink

The Purple O is one of the most popular drinks of Sonic. This bright purple drink is full of sweet and tangy flavors that come from cranberry juice, Powerade, and lemonade. This bright purple color will add an amazing taste to your boring day.

Sonic Grease Drink

Sonic Grease drink is one of the special beverages that people generally order to celebrate holidays, birthdays, parties, and events. This is a limited-time drink that comes once every session so keep yourself updated through the Sonic app so that you never miss this refreshing drink.

Sonic Shark Drink

Sonic Shark drink is only available on seasonal offerings. This drink is filled with juicy and mixed flavors that can easily refresh your tired mood. Always keep an eye on the Sonic menu so you never miss out on this amazing drink.

Sonic Butterfinger Blast

This is not your normal drink, it is a delicious milkshake that is perfectly blended with crunchy Butterfinger candy pieces, creamy ice cream, and chilled milk for a delicious flavor.

Does Sonic have hot chocolate?

Yes, Sonic has hot chocolate on its menu. It’s a warm and comforting drink that you can pair up with your delicious Sonic burger and fries.

What is the most popular drink at Sonic?

The Cherry Limeade Slush is the most popular drink at Sonic. It’s a drink that contains the perfect blend of tangy lime flavors and sweet cherry making it the perfect refreshing drink for a hot day.

Sonic Drink Menu in 2024

Flavor combinations that are used to make Sonic drinks are Fanta, Sprite, coffee, and water. We have mentioned below the complete list of combinations:

Root Beer Combinations 

  • Root Beer with vanilla
  • Root Beer with vanilla and cherries
  • Root Beer with cranberry
  • Root Beer with strawberry

Water Combinations 

  • Water with raspberry and blackberry
  • Mint water
  • Peach water
  • Water with mint and watermelon
  • Strawberry peach water
  • Cranberry water
  • Strawberry lime water
  • Sonic Menu the Hedgehog Drink
  • Watermelon slush with cream
  • Watermelon slush
  • Nerds slush
  • Lemon water
  • Cherry water
  • Lemon and lime water
  • Watermelon lime slush
  • Blue cream slush
  • Mango water

Coke Combinations 

  • Coke with cherry
  • Coke with cranberry and vanilla
  • Coke with cranberry
  • Coke with cream and caramel
  • Coke with lime
  • Coke with strawberry
  • Coke with vanilla cream
  • Coke with orange

Tea and Coffee Combinations 

  • Sonic’s Boba Drink
  • Sweet tea with peach
  • Sonic Espresso
  • Sweet tea with strawberry and cream
  • Sonic Cappuccino
  • Sonic Drip Coffee
  • Sweet tea with strawberry
  • Sonic Americano
  • Sonic Lattes
  • Sweet tea with coconut
  • Green tea with mint
  • Sweet tea with mint
  • Sweet tea with cream and vanilla

Limeade Combinations 

  • Cherry limeade with vanilla and cream
  • Cranberry peach limeade
  • Cherry limeade with orange
  • Strawberry limeade with vanilla and cream
  • Cranberry peach limeade with cherries
  • Watermelon limeade with extra lime
  • Mango limeade with orange
  • Strawberry limeade with orange

Sprite Combinations

  • Sprite with vanilla and cranberry
  • Sprite with blackberry
  • Sprite with raspberry
  • Sprite with cherry, orange, and pineapple
  • Sprite with cranberry
  • Sprite with strawberry
  • Sprite with white coconut
  • Sprite with blue coconut
  • Sprite with watermelon
  • Sprite with vanilla cream, strawberry, and Nerds candies

Fanta Combinations

  • Fanta with blueberry
  • Fanta with cranberry
  • Fanta with lime
  • Fanta with cherry
  • Fanta with strawberry

Pepper Combinations 

  • Dr. Pepper with watermelon
  • Dr. Pepper with blue coconut
  • Dr. Pepper with vanilla cream and chocolate
  • Dr. Pepper with lime
  • Dr. Pepper with caramel and chocolate
  • Dr. Pepper with strawberry
  • Dr. Pepper with whipped cream and cherry
  • Dr. Pepper with green apple

How to Order Sonic Menu Drinks Online?

Follow all the steps mentioned below to order Sonic drinks online.

Order through the Sonic Website

  • Step 1: Open the Sonic ordering website.
  • Step 2: Select your preferred or nearest Sonic location.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the “Drinks” tab.
  • Step 4: Choose your favorite beverage and add it to your cart.
  • Step 5: Now proceed to checkout.
  • Step 6: You can create an account for faster checkout while ordering next time.
  • Step 7: For more discounts on orders you can use a promo code.

Order through the Sonic App

  • Step 1: Download the Sonic app from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Step 2: Open the app and register or sign in as a new user.
  • Step 3: Select your preferred location.
  • Step 4: Pick your desired drinks from the “Drinks” tab.
  • Step 5: Add it to the cart.
  • Step 6: You can shop for more or proceed to checkout.

Must-Know Facts for Sonic Drink Lovers

  • Customers in Sonic can combine their favorite drinks to make their own tasty flavored drinks.
  • The drinks of Sonic are suitable for both kids and adults as they are non-alcoholic.
  • There is a time named Sonic Happy Hour in which you can get half-priced drinks every Monday to Thursday.

What are the flavors of Sonic’s drink?

Sonic has soft drinks, milkshakes, lemonades, and slushes that can level up your mood.

What is a pink lady drink Sonic?

The Pink Lady drink is the secret item on Sonic’s menu. This drink is a perfect combination of Sprite, lemonade, cherries, and some flavored vanilla. This refreshing drink has a bright pink color which adds flavor to our regular sunny day.

New Sonic Drink 2024

Sonic introduced two new drinks in 2024:

  • Sonic Blackout Slush Float: This is a limited-time drink launched by Sonic to celebrate the total solar eclipse that happened in April 2024. This unique drink is a black slush that has dragon fruit flavors and cotton candy covered with galaxy-themed sprinkles and vanilla ice cream. It was launched on March 25th,2024, and will be available till May 5th,2024.
  • Sonic Dirty Drinks: This is not a single drink, Dirty Drink is an option that helps you customize any of your favorite drinks with cream, flavored syrups, and pickle juice. Dirty Drink provides an endless variety from which you can create your own Sonic drink.


No matter what’s your taste Sonic Drinks menu always has a drink for your craving. Whether you are having an exhausting day or want some hot day refreshments sonic got you everywhere. The best part is you can mix any flavor to create your masterpiece. We hope by reading this guide you can find the perfect Sonic drink that can match your vibe and taste.

What drink is Sonic known for?

Sonic is known for its Cherry Limeade Slush which is made up of lemonade, cherries, and some fruity flavors. It is a drink with both sweet and tangy flavors making it the perfect refreshing drink for a hot sunny day.

What is Ocean Water at Sonic Beverages Menu?

Sonic offers a drink called Ocean Water that is made from Sprite, coconut extract, and by adding blue-colored drinks.

What is the large drink at Sonic Drive In called?

In 2022, Sonic Drive-In added a massive 444-ounce drink to their menu for a limited time to celebrate their iconic Route 44 drink size. The Rt 44 Sonic Cup is so huge that it easily holds the equivalent of 10 regular-sized drinks. This drink is only available in some Sonic locations for a limited time. 

What is the Purple Hippo Drink at Sonic Drinks Menu?

This Sonic Purple Hippo drink is a secret menu item. This drink has a vibrant purple color and is a perfect combination of Sprite, lemonade, Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, and cranberry juice.

What is the Sonic Bleeding Blue Drink 2024?

This Sonic bleeding blue drink is a secret menu drink of Sonic. This unique drink has a perfect combination of Sprite and blue coconut with some vanilla flavors added along with cream.

When is Half Price Drinks at Sonic?

You can score half price drink during Sonic Happy Hour which runs every Monday to Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm. 

How many Ounces in a Large Sonic Drink?

Sonic Large drink contains 32 ounces.

How much are Sonic Drinks?

Drinks at Sonic start from an affordable price of $1.19 and go up to around $5.99.

How much is a Large Drink at Sonic?

The large drink price at Sonic can vary from the type of drink you ordered and it can also vary from location to location.

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